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Using MySql as ASP.NET Session Store Provider

MySQL Connector/Net from version 6.1 has included a custom Session State Provider. This provider enables you to store session state in a MySQL database and is useful if you are running your site on a web farm and you don't want to use the build in MSSQL.

jQuery isChildOf - is an element a child of another element

Here is a really quick note on creating a basic extension to jQuery to check if an element is a child of another element

NHibernate with logging throws a Security Exception under Medium Trust

I am using NHibernate 3.2.0 under medium trust and all was going well until I turned on logging to try and trace a SQL error. It seems that when you set the log4net logging level to INFO that under a medium trust NHibernate throws a Security Exception. You can see from the stack trace exactly where the error was occurring, it's quite clear. In the NHibernate source the static constructor for the Environment you can see that the NHibernate Version is logged, I was picking that is where the error was occurring.