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Running Silverlight in Firefox 5 on OSX requires restart in 32 bit mode

I ran into the problem with Firefox 5 where when I visited a web page using Silverlight that Firefox prompted me that the plugin would not work and I would need to restart in 32-bit mode. After the restart, I would work but its a pain as each time I restarted I would be prompted to again.

How to join multiple mpeg video files on OSX

Today had a video that was split into 10 smaller mpg video files. The video files were named 0001.mpg, 0002.mpg etc... I wanted to merge these into a single mpg video file. Seems quite straight forward but I couldn't find an easy way to do this on OSX.

Connect to a remote Mac OSX without Apple Remote Desktop

You want to connect to a remote Mac OSX computer and you don't have Apple Remote Desktop. Mac OSX Leopard comes with a built-in screen sharing application that allows you to connect to another Mac. It is in fact a VNC client, so if you are familiar with VNC you may already have a preferred VNC client application as there are a few to choose from.

Getting Started Debugging PHP with Zend and Eclipse on OSX

Its been quite some time since I looked at a PHP script, the first dynamic website I built was PHP and PostgresSQL and for sometime it was PHP all the way. But sometimes project requirements dictate a certain language, so later I worked with Allaire Coldfusion, ASP and ASP.NET. I used two debugging techniques for PHP. The first method is turning on error reporting which is an after the fact method of determining the problem. It can sometimes be difficult to determine the cause of the problem, as error messages often tell you exactly what is wrong not the cause. The second method employed is printing out variables at points in my scripts to narrow down the point at where the error is occurring. I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the developments in debugging PHP. Unless you write your code perfectly first time off debugging is an important part of developing any sort of software.

Change the Spell Check Dictionary Language in Mac OSX Mail

Recently I got a new MacBook Pro, previously I used Windows Vista, so coming from Vista to Mac has been a bit of a learning curve. I often look for the features common to the PC and can't find them on the Mac. They are there usually there but usually I'm looking in the wrong spot.

System Restore from Time Machine on FreeNAS

Recently we had a power cut in the office, our UPS cut out after a short time before the server could be turned off and the OSX Leopard server crashed. We ended up have the Open Directory corrupted. My first thought was can I do a system restore using Time Machine from the FreeNAS backup.

Connect PC to Mac OSX via VNC Remote Desktop

In the office we have a Mac OSX Leopard server as well as a Windows 2003 server. I use a PC most of the time so the obvious choice for remote administration of the Windows server is Remote Desktop, but what about the Mac OSX Leopard server?

Time Machine OSX Leopard to FreeNAS

I recently replaced a Windows 2003 box with an OSX Leopard server; being an OSX Leopard server Time Machine is the obvious choice to backup your server

iTunes remote for iPhone

Just yesterday my colleague Gareth showed me his shiny new iPhone 3G, he had just downloaded and installed the app Remote from the App Store