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Fix for Flash horizontal 1px pixel offset in Firefox 3.6

After updating to Firefox 3.6 on OSX I discovered many of the websites that use flash had the flash object offset by 1 pixel horizontally. Its a real pain hopefully it will be fixed soon. In the meantime, I have discovered a temporary fix you can make to your HTML.

SWFObject.Net 1.1.1 released

SWFObject.NET is a C# ASP.NET server control that wraps the functionality of the SWFObject 2.2 JavaScript library. The 1.1.1 release includes a bug fix for the incorrect the embedded 'Get Flash Image' URL.

C# to SWF Flash Compiler

Today I came across GOA WinForms for Adobe Flash, which allows you to write C# code in Visual Studio 2005 and compile it into a Flash SWF file. I was quite impressed, having been a C# web developer for some time now I thought this is great way to create Flash applications without having to become an expert at Flash or Flex. I have always found it difficult to get my head round the Adode interface for creating flash applications.

Firefox 3 and Flash SWF outline problem using SWFObject 2.1

For some time now I have been using SWFObject to load flash objects on my web pages, it works great to avoid the ‘click to activate’ problems that affect IE6, IE7 and Opera 9+. In IE the browser displays an outline around the flash object and a tooltip ‘Click to activate’