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Using Google Analytics Event Tracking

One of the first things a new website owner wants to know is how people are visiting my site. Any statistics package can give you this information but my current favourite would be Google Analytics, it free, flexible and easy to use. Page views and bounce rates are not always a good measure of success. Plenty of people may visit the site but how many take action and contact you or signup for the service you provide. This is where event tracking a little known feature of Google Analytics comes in it you to track actions your visitors take on your site and manipulate the results.

Getting your data out of Google Analytics

I want to show my top 5 pages viewed on my blog, I don’t want to count page views myself , and I want to distinguish between views by real people and views by spiders etc... I want to get the information from my statistics package. I use Google Analytics; it is a great stats package for your web site. If you haven’t tried it out you are missing out. The basic functions of Google Analytics are easy to use with all the basic reports at your finger tips on your dashboard.