Running Silverlight in Firefox 5 on OSX requires restart in 32 bit mode

I ran into the problem with Firefox 5 where when I visited a web page using Silverlight that Firefox prompted me that the plugin would not work and I would need to restart in 32-bit mode. After the restart, I would work but its a pain as each time I restarted I would be prompted to again.

As it turned out all I had to do was update my version of the Silverlight plugin as the problem had been fixed. First I uninstalled Silverlight on OSX it quite straight forward. I followed the instructions from Microsoft.

Removing Silverlight plugins on Macintosh

  1. Access your hard drive
    Double-click the hard drive icon on your desktop
  2. Find the plugin
    Navigate to your Internet Plug-Ins directory: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
  3. Remove the plugin
    Drag any of the following into your trash bin:
    • Silverlight.plugin
    • WPFe.plugin

Installing Silverlight

After removing the old version I went to the Silverlight install page and downloaded the latest version and ran the installation program.