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Resize RadSplitter to the size of its content

Working with the Telerik RadSplitter control I had the situation where I had dynamic controls in a panel inside a RadSplitter. If you are using any sort of tree control or expanding panel you will find the RadSplitter is only resized to the size of the contents when the page first loads and if you change the height of the content you get scroll bars. I have searched for a solution and all information from Telerik indicate this is by design and the control doesn't support this type of behaviour. But it is possible, if you look at the online help you will see they use the splitter control with this exact behaviour. Find a page with a little bit on content and expand the tree menu. You will find the height of the RadSplitter control is increased and no scroll bars appear. So how come it works here?

Running Silverlight in Firefox 5 on OSX requires restart in 32 bit mode

I ran into the problem with Firefox 5 where when I visited a web page using Silverlight that Firefox prompted me that the plugin would not work and I would need to restart in 32-bit mode. After the restart, I would work but its a pain as each time I restarted I would be prompted to again.

jQuery News Ticker

I wanted a typewriter style news ticker that would display news items one character at a time. I had a look round and there are a few jQuery news tickers available but I just wanted something very simple that worked with jQuery 1.3.2. I couldn't find a plugin that exactly fitted my requirements so I decided to make my own.