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How to join multiple mpeg video files on OSX

Today had a video that was split into 10 smaller mpg video files. The video files were named 0001.mpg, 0002.mpg etc... I wanted to merge these into a single mpg video file. Seems quite straight forward but I couldn't find an easy way to do this on OSX.

Custom Domain using nHibernate dynamic-component

I have been working on providing a user-defined domain object to my C# ASP.NET NHibernate project. I have been undecided on which approach to take. One difficulty is that the mapping files I am using are embedded so they cannot be changed. After some research, I had been considering two options. Using a one-to-many look-up table which contained all the custom attributes or using a dynamic-component mapping.

Creating a For Loop in XSLT

Today I wanted to create a for loop in XSLT based on the value of a variable similar to what you would do in any programming language. In XSLT it's a simple task to iterate through a number of elements using XSL for-each but it proved to be a bit trickier than I first thought to iterate over a variable.