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Run Microsoft Ajax Minifier from the Visual Studio Tools Menu

Microsoft has created a great tool, Ajax Minifier a free tool that you can use to minify your JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet files. So far I have had no problems with the minified JavaScript.

How to debug Javascript, JSON and ASP.NET WebServices with Firebug

Writing a JavaScript client-side interface backed by ASP.NET Web Services is a great way to create a rich responsive interface. A previous post on Client Side Binding Using Ajax Page Methods and jQuery demonstrates some of the first steps to do this. It can be a bit tricky when it's not working figuring out what is wrong. Is it the JavaScript the Web Service or something else.

How to use WSE 3 in Visual Studio 2010

Update for my last post on this topic How to use WSE 3 in Visual Studio 2008 , I have upgraded some projects to Visual Studio 2010, in the project I was using a WSE 3.0 web service. The project compiled fine but I found when I updated the web service I was using the proxy class that was generated did not work