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Using Google Analytics Event Tracking

One of the first things a new website owner wants to know is how people are visiting my site. Any statistics package can give you this information but my current favourite would be Google Analytics, it free, flexible and easy to use. Page views and bounce rates are not always a good measure of success. Plenty of people may visit the site but how many take action and contact you or signup for the service you provide. This is where event tracking a little known feature of Google Analytics comes in it you to track actions your visitors take on your site and manipulate the results.

Fix for Flash horizontal 1px pixel offset in Firefox 3.6

After updating to Firefox 3.6 on OSX I discovered many of the websites that use flash had the flash object offset by 1 pixel horizontally. Its a real pain hopefully it will be fixed soon. In the meantime, I have discovered a temporary fix you can make to your HTML.

JQueryDialog wrapper for C# ASP.NET

I wanted to integrate the JQuery UI Dialog with an ASP.NET project so I created a C# class to wrap the functionality and make it easy to configure