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Network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server

I have a website getting occasional database disconnections throwing the error - A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. Its been difficult locating the cause of the error as there appears to be nothing wrong. I have the same code running multiple websites and only one of the sites is plagued by the error so I figure it must be some configuration problem either with IIS or the MS SQL database.

DotNetPanel goes open source

I was surprised to find that DotNetPanel hosting control panel had basically shutdown for business. I have been using DNP control panel for around 3 years, originally starting with HostingController and then Helm and finally DNP. Over all DNP seemed the most robust and easy to use, but most importantly it worked well with servers spread over different networks. That's not to say I love every part of it there is certainly parts I would change given half a chance. So now, as it turns out, I can. DotNetPanel has been released on sourceforge as an open source project called WebsitePanel.

Blogger, Html scraping, JQuery and YQL

For a recent project I was working on I wanted to display some sports results on my local football club's website. The association publishes the results weekly on its website, we also wanted to post them on our website. It would be a waste of time to type them out each week so what can we do? First solution I thought of was HTML data scrapping the results and redisplaying them, better than using an iframe as the results were not in a format that would suit our site. It would be fairly straight forward using ASP.NET on the server but this website is a Blogger site with limited server side functionality.