Bespoke software development

It’s often hard to find a pre-made solution to fit your requirements. If this is the case a bespoke software development may be required. We can create a desktop or server based database solution to fit your requirements.

A custom database development usually involves 3 deliverables.

  • Database to store information, commonly SQL Server or My Sql may be used.
  • Administration interface to manage reports and other tasks you may require, commonly a web based solution may be used.
  • User interface, integration in an existing or new website may be required.

Juna will work with you to develop the best solution that fits your budget. Depending on the complexity of the project you will need to allow at least 3 months to complete the project. You will need to have resources available so that we can gather all the information we need for the project. If you have time it is always beneficial to be involved in the testing phase as it’s a great time to identify any potential bugs.

The development of a project will follow a development process. This is a structured methodology, which provides guidelines for successfully developing a solution for the project. This reduces the time wasted on implementing designs that may be changed later or are not required at all. 

The development process consists of five developmental stages through which the project passes

  1. Project Identification - The project requirements are identified.
  2. Planning – The current system is studied and number of solutions are proposed. A detailed project specification is developed.
  3. Design – The system is designed, we try to do as much on paper as we can as it is much quicker to simulate and test interfaces.
  4. Implementation – The solution is built and tested.
  5. Maintenance - 3 months support is included in a custom development but ongoing support requires a support contract with Juna.